Dana’s World of Dance Weblog

Attention All Dancers!

Posted on: October 8, 2008


My name is Dana and this is my blog all about the art of dance, teaching dance, and dance studio life.  For anyone who has been involved in any kind of dance (whether it be as a child, teen or adult) it is known to create a large impact on lives. Some do it for fun, a select group as a career choice, many for the entertainment value, but others like me are simply just in love with anything that has to do with dance.

I am creating this blog as an assignment for my Writing, Research and Technology class at Rowan University.  I decided to choose dance as the topic of my blog because it is an art I am very interested in and have had a lot of experience with.  The dance world is still very small, although it is growing due to the exposure from televion shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to name a couple.  I hope to further expose the dance world to anyone and everyone through this blog.


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  • None
  • dancer 4eva: i love this site i love ballet dancing and i really enjoyed reading this.
  • sandon48: I got all of the photos on my blog from google image searches
  • Keeley Sullivan: Where did you get the image of the dancer you used in your blog? Is it your image?


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