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Posted on: October 19, 2008

Like I was discussing on my last blog, dance is becoming more and more popular through it’s exposure on prime time television.  Over the past 4 or 5 years a wide variety of new dance shows have emerged.   I think this is a great opportunity for people to become more informed and involved in the small world of dance.  It is a truly amazing and educational resource that has been under the radar for a long time.  Let me take the time to discuss a couple of these shows to let you know, from my opinion, the ones that are worth tuning in to.

So You Think You Can Dance – This show was created by the Executive Producer of the show ‘American Idol’ so it is similar in many ways, but uses dancers instead of singers.  For the first 3 or 4 weeks of the show, it is strictly auditions which are held in different cities all over the United States.  After the auditions are complete the judges pick 20 dancers from the thousands that audition to participate in the competition that is ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ 

The dancers are split up into girl/boy couples and every week pick from a variety of dance styles of out of a hat including contemporary, tango, hip hop, broadway jazz, waltz, jive and more.  There are plenty of extremely talented choreographers that createpieces for the dancers and every week one girl and one boy are voted off by the judges and the viewers opinions.

Viewers get the opportunity to call in every week and vote for who they would like to keep on the show (first half of the season is judges and views/second half of the season just viewers).  It comes down to 4 dancers on the final and the one with the highest amount if votes wins the title of Americas Favorite Dancer!  They dancers are amazingly talented (performance, technique, originality) and the choreographed pieces even better. I find the show very entertaining and is definitely worth tuning in to. 

Official Website: http://www.fox.com/dance/

Explains concept of show, judge bios, competitor bios, clips from previous episodes and more.

Dancing With the Stars – This show is similar to ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in the aspect that they are both dance competition shows, but this one is strictly Smooth and Latin Ballroom.  Also, like the name states, the show consists of professional ballroom dancers teaching “stars” how to dance.  The show usually has 12 or 13 couples (a ballroom dancer and a star) that compete each week in different styles of ballroom dance. 

There are 3 judges that judge the stars on their technique, performance, and entertainment value.  Each week a star and professional couple are voted off, with the help of the opinions of the judges, by viewers.  I find the best part of this show to be when the professionals showcase the different styles so that viewers can see what they are suppose to look like.  Most of the time during the competition, the stars are not very talented in the art of dance and the professionals greatly outshine their partners.  Therefore, the professionals make this show worth tuning into. 

Official site: http://ll.abc.go.com/primetime/dancingwiththestars/index?pn=index&v11

Description of show, star bios, judge bios, clips from episodes and more.


This is an article I found on MSNBC about the increasing popularity of dance on television.



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