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A day in the life of a Professional Ballet Dancer

Posted on: October 20, 2008

Some people may think (most of the time parents) that a career in dance is not an actual career.  You don’t necessarily need to have an academic education, it might not pay well or have benefits unless you are famous in the dance world, and by the age of 35 most dancers must retire due to injury or new young dancers waiting and ready to jump in their places. 

I, myself, have never worked professionally as a dancer, but I work with many people who currently dance professionally or have in the past and through them have learned a lot about what it takes to form a successful career in dance.  Here are some surprising things I’ve learned…

-It, at times, can be very disconcerting due to a life of moving from audition to audition and never really having a speady job for more than a year or so.  You must be able to keep your self-esteem high and never give up.

When in a ballet company you can be docked pay for little things like your pointe shoe ribbon popping out of place, your hair piece falling out on stage, messing up a step or slipping and falling on stage. You must always be conscious of yourself, your appearance and your knowledge of the piece you are dancing.  It should feel like second nature and you shouldn’t need to think about the steps while dancing it.  Preparation is key.

-In a ballet company and also other types of dance teams and companies, your weight it watched very closely.  You can be fired for being as little as 2 pounds over your weight limit.  It is very important to eat a nutrious diet that is full of vitamins, fruits, vegtables and potein. 

-When in a dance company or performing professionally, you tend to have a very busy and tiring schedule.  It is most important to take good care of your body and mind as well. 

Other than some of the cons that come along with a career in dance, there are plenty of pros as well.  For a serious dancer, the best feeling in the world is being on stage in front of thousands of people doing what they love to do.  From what I have heard from many professional dancers, it is all worth it to feel the bright lights on your skin as you step out on the stage or the roar of the audience while you take your final bow.

Here is an article I found that follows the members of the Austrailia Ballet Company through a normal day of work as a professional ballet dancer. It is interesting to see what they go through on a daily basis and it also includes a lot of information about ballet, the ballet company and how it works.



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i love this site i love ballet dancing and i really enjoyed reading this.

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  • dancer 4eva: i love this site i love ballet dancing and i really enjoyed reading this.
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