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Getting boys to DANCE

Posted on: October 27, 2008

It is obvious to many that there is a much larger number of females in the dance world than there are males.  Especially in ballet, due to the common grace and elegance of the style, it is thought to be directed towards women.  In the past this may have been true, but now-a-days ballet and more importantly dance in general are quickly becoming hobbies and professional careers for anyone (male or female) who has the ability,talent, and courage to step it up and show what they can do.

Today, the staggering amount of hopeful female dancers who flock to auditions still greatly outnumbers the few men who appear, so it is much harder to have a successful dance career as a woman.  For example, there may be 200 female dancers auditioning for 2 spots in a ballet company while there are 50 men auditioning for 10 male spots.  A professional dance company, performance, show etc. will almost always have a greater need for talented, classically trained male dancers rather than female dancers. 

Male dancers, from a young age through adulthood, at times feel the need to hide their interest in or love of ballet and dance because they fear being teased or out-casted by peers or family.  Unfortunately, this is true in many if not all cases.  These boys will sometimes be called gay or girly if they participate in ballet classes rather than soccer and baseball leagues because people believe in the generalization that dance is for girls and sports are for boys.  Even parents do not allow their sons to dance because they either agree with the stereotype that all male dancers are gay or they do not want their children subjected to bulling from others. 

Either way, I find this upsetting and a great crutch to dance world in general.  Dance is a creative window that can lead to great number of benefits and opportunities for all children, especially boys. 

Fortunately, due to the rising popularity in newer dance forms such as hip hop and street jazz, it is becoming nationally acceptable for men to be amazing and talented dancers.  In order to have a successful career in dance, it is important to be well-rounded in many different forms and styles.  These male hip-hoppers may be amazing at popping and locking, but believe it tor not, many of them are talented contemporary and ballet dancers as well.   

Thanks to shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Step it Up and Dance’  dance it is now looked at as a popular and desirable ability.  Everyone wants to be able to dance like the female AND male competitors on these shows. So far, more male dancers have won first place in these competitions than female dancers.  That just goes to show boys, don’t be aftraid. Step it up and dance!


This website discusses the reasons why dance is for boys as much as it is for girls…



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I just found your blog through the “relevant posts” on an article I wrote on a similar topic. I’d like to welcome you, as it seems this is a relatively new blog. I really enjoy reading and writing about dance and look forward to your posts!


hey, wonderful post! 🙂 i just wrote something very similar about bellydance! check out my blog: http://www.runsnailrun.wordpress.com

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  • dancer 4eva: i love this site i love ballet dancing and i really enjoyed reading this.
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