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Dance Injuries

Posted on: October 29, 2008

One thing that is common for dancers of all styles is the pain that comes along with using your body as excessively as they do.  Being a dancer is centered on your body, how you take care of it, and how healthy you are.  Because dancers, and especially ballet dancers, work their bodies so hard and sometimes in very “unnatural” ways (meaning moving your body in ways that you would not naturally) it is common to injure your muscles or other parts of your body. 

Injuries most commonly occur in the following areas of the body…


-Knee and Thigh





Most muscle and tendon injuries can be prevented by proper warm-up and cool down.  Dancers should always begin their classes and rehearsals by warming up and stretching every part of their body before dancing full out.  In a ballet dance company, all members are required to take a 1-2 hour ballet class every morning before they even start rehearsing for performances.  It is also important to wear warm-ups so that your muscles do not get cold in between classes or rehearsals and drink plenty of water.

If an injury occurs or you being to feel pain in an area of your body, it is important to see a physical therapist.  They have the ability to figure out the problem is and how to help your body heal through physical therapy.  Many professional dance companies have a physical therapist and massage therapist on staff so there is immediate assistance if a member is injured or requires medical attention for a reoccurring injury. 

The main reason many professional dancers have to retire from dancing and end their careers between the ages of 30 and 40 is because they become injured and can no longer use their bodies as they did in their younger years.  Many become dance teachers, choreographers, artistic directors or start their own dance companies. 

Here is a website I found that goes deep into detail about various injuries that can occur during dance.  It can help you to identify an injury, what to do to heal the area, and how to prevent the injury from reoccurring.


This is an article about the five most common dance injuries and how to treat them.



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